Industrial Oven

An industrial oven is a main component to many kitchens. The wrong one and there are several problems to deal with. Many kitchens for bakeries, restaurants, and food manufacturers will actually build their kitchen around the oven. There are many things to decide on and many places to shop for an oven, so knowing what you're looking for will help narrow down the choices.

Industrial Oven

Gas versus Electric for an Industrial Oven

You'll need to decide how you're going to power the industrial oven. Which one you choose will be up to you, but certain areas and certain industries are more likely to choose one or the other.

A gas industrial oven is a great option for when whatever it is you are baking must be baked. What this means is that if the power goes out temporarily, will it affect what you are cooking? If the answer is yes, you'll want to give some strong considerations towards a gas oven. The downside to a gas oven is that you have to have a gas line. Some areas have this more easily than others. If you don't have access to a natural gas source, you'll need a gas tank on property, which will require permitting.

An electric industrial oven is easier to come by. You'll need to make sure that your outlet offers enough power for the oven that you're purchasing. If it doesn't, a quick call to a local electrician will usually solve this problem. An electric oven will give you more choices in styles and sizes and will be generally more affordable than a gas oven.

The Size of the Industrial Oven

What you use the oven for will determine the size of the industrial oven that you'll need. An industrial oven is designed for a lot of use and has no limit to the size. Often, an industrial oven is considered very large, but in truth can be the same size as the oven in your home (or smaller). You'll want one that fits the space that you have without being too large for the space. If you try to fit a large oven into a small space, you'll have problems with ventilation and the heat will end up engulfing the entire facility, making everyone uncomfortable.

The Kind of Industrial Oven You'll Buy

Most industrial ovens fall into the category of convection ovens. This means that air is circulated to get the product inside hot. Unlike standard ovens that use heat transfer, air circulation often requires less heat, which often means less electricity. It will also create a more uniform heat in the oven and cook food more evenly regardless of where in the oven the food is.

A common type of industrial oven is the impinger oven. This is most commonly used in making pizza. The heat is circulated using high flow both above and below the food, cooking the food much faster than an ordinary oven. These ovens are popular for pizza restaurants because it gets the product to the customer fast and helps turn more pizzas and therefore more revenue.

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